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Dental Surgeon, DDS

Let me introduce myself, Dr Wassila Rechidi. I graduated from the faculty of Dentistry of the Université de Montréal in 2015. I have always been passionate about family and cosmetic dentistry. I have practiced in several offices since the beginning of my career and achieved many continuing education courses in oral surgery, Invisalign, periodontics, gum grafts and much more. I worked at dental clinics in Valois Village (Pointe-Claire,Qc), Île Perrot,  Saint-Hubert and in Kuujjuaq (north of Quebec). In addition, I have also been on several humanitarian mission trips as a volunteer dentist, in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.     


My goal is to help my patients get their best smile, with gentleness and comfort, while understanding their treatments well. Whether you need a basic consultation, diagnosis or dental treatment, come see me to find out how I can help you improve your dental health today.

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Dental Surgeon, DDS

Curious by nature, I loved diversifying my career in various environments, to gain experience and better
serve my patients. I have practiced in clinics located in New-Brunswick, James-Bay Cree Territories and
in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I hope to settle down in my hometown of Montreal and continue
to provide dental services to my patients with utmost passion and care.
My primary priorities are my patients’ comfort and oral health. I am therefore flexible and open-minded
in my practice. My patients’ needs and concerns are extremely important to me, necessitating my
attentiveness and empathy in all treatments. I am a strong believer that the road to wellness begins
with good oral health and I will be more than happy to guide you there!
I’m an amateur runner, artist and home cook. 

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