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radiographie panoramique. dents de sagesses

It is generally around the age of 16 to 18 that wisdom teeth grow. Some people will be lucky enough not to experience complications from these wisdom teeth. On the other hand, for a large majority of cases, the extraction of these teeth will be necessary for the maintenance of good oral health. 

Why or when should we extract wisdom teeth?

  • If there is an infection or a cyst surrounding the wisdom tooth

  • If general oral hygiene is inadequate

  • If the teeth are impacted

  • If the teeth are decayed or cause decay to the adjacent teeth 

  • During orthodontic treatments

  • If there is not enough space to accommodate the wisdom teeth

Our dentist at Clinique Dentaire WM Dorval can assess your wisdom teeth and if necessary, extract them. Contact us for more information at 514-631-3811.

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